All-in-one course to plan, build, launch, grow
and manage an online community

Memberships. Pricing. Building stacks. Getting paid. Managing channels and spaces.

Finding members and connecting with them. Building the community with no-code tools or with code. If you are like most founders, the operations and management of different projects, stacks, and relationships take most time out of your day and night.

That’s where the CommunityOps comes in. CommunityOps is an online program that helps founders set up operations and pipelines to make the management process easy and seamless. Get mentorship and personalized sessions to set up the content strategy, building stacks, monetization, and more.

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What CommunityOps includes?

Lifetime access to the materials and the private discord community. Even if the course is not open you still can access everything.

12 video lessons (and upcoming updates to the lessons)

10+ ready-to-use templates, spreadsheets, automation tutorials, email scripts.


Community mission

Your mission is what will help your community to differentiate from others.

During this session, we will clearly define answers to "who?" and "why?".

Identifying the audience

How many people are out there that will need this community? Are they already involved in similar communities? What is the FAQ of this audience that you can answer effectively?

During the session, we will define your audience.

Community business model

The business model definition helps to determine the pricing, monetization strategy, and whom do you charge.

During the session, we will define your business model: B2C or B2B / product-led community or content-led community.

Community website

Let's build something. To test the right audience-community fit let's build a fast landing page and see how the audience responds.

During the session, we will build the landing page and launch it based on your mission, audience, and business model.

Research of existing communities

The community is not as far from startup. And with the startups, you usually do market research.

During the session, we will understand how many communities are in your niche and understand how to differentiate from them.

Community stacks

Building a community is easier than ever with no-code tools. However, there are different ways and combinations you can use to achieve the same result.

During the session, I will help you discover the best tech stack for your community.

Setting up community environment

Now that we established your tech stack, let's set things up.

During this session, we will build your community and make all the automation that you need. This session will be individual with each participant.

Finding communication channels

Each niche has it's specific communication channels. To grow your community you need to identify what are your primary and your secondary communication channels.

During this session, we will discover communication channels for your community based on the niche. This session will be individual with each participant.

Researching content stack

Having identified your communication channels let's understand what is your content strategy.

During the session, we will discuss how to build content strategy, calendar, and what tools can be useful for that process.

Setting up content pipeline

Content calendar and communication channels are ready. Then let's set to automate your workflows.

During this session, we will automate your content workflows as much as possible so you can focus on the creative process.


The launch is the last section of this course. Whether you decide to officially launch on Producthunt or any other platform I will not leave you alone in that process.

During this session, I will prepare a personalized launch checklist for you where you'll get materials and everything you need to go through that process.

Launching early 2021. Join the waitlist and get a disount


Who is this course for?

Founders, community managers, developers, designers, writers. Companies that want to integrate community into their product.

How long is this course?

The course includes 12 sessions. I'm going to hold 3 live sessions during the week which will be around 20 minutes. Some sessions also include personalized workshops with each individual participant.

The course total duration is 1 month.

Still have questions?

You can email me at [email protected].