Managing Indie stack community with a full time job with Yaro

On Episode 11 together with Yaroslaw we talked about how to build paid community and why he decided to start 2 side projects. Do you think how much time it takes to manage a community and podcast all while having a full time job and a newborn? What are 2 main advices for newsletter creators? How important it is to have many revenue streams? All this we will take in todays episode.

About the guest:
I'm an aspiring full-time side hustler. My main goal has always been to build a portfolio of different assets classes all brining me income. My interests include newsletters, podcasting, SaaS, communities, real estate, and stocks.

Keep up with Yaroslaw:

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Things we talked about in the episode:
Newslettercrew - podcast for newsletter creators,
Lenny's newsletter - A weekly newsletter about product building and product growth, by Lenny Rachitsky,
Substack - a platform to build and monetize newsletter,
Revue - a platform to build and monetize newsletter,
Memberful - start a membership business,
Newsletter bundling - episode 11 of Newsletter crew podcast "Newsletter bundling with Ari Lewis"
Playgroup - community building platform,
Circle - community building platform,
Panion - community building platform.