3 ways to improve your content pipeline

Community building is not just managing an environment for a group of people. We can compare it to knowledge management more than people management. And as you can imagine managing knowledge is highly tied to gathering new information and distributing it to the marketing channels that make sense for your audience.

The cycles of content creation and distribution feel like neverending wheel. Every time coming up with ideas and new distribution menthodologies can be to the least draining and counterproductive.

However, if you have a community the process can be simplified and supercharged by your members.

I've been talking about this during one of my podcast episodes that reddit helped community building a lot, but also brought another hidious trend. No-promotion policies all over the place.

People spent the majority of their lives working. Creating something new, for themselves or for other people. Banning the natural course of talking about our personal projects is not a viable option. As you ban some notion people will come up with new ways to mitigate the ban. Just look at how many handbooks are there to "Sell successfully on Reddit".

Today I want to explore some of the ways you can grow your community, with helping your members to grow. We will explore:

  • members digest, member profiles,
  • community sourced newsletter,
  • community podcasts, livestreams, events.

Members digest

Your community is not only about your whole group, it's also about each individual member you have on board. What is members digest? It's a complicated way to introduce your new members. My highlighting your newcomers you're creating a positive first impression. Getting one step further then doing a regular member's digest, is to do a members profile. Which means not just tag your members on the various social media channels but also create a profile and share a small and interesting information about them.

I love for example how Dense Discovery has the concept of "Worthy Five". They don't have community right now, but still I think it's a cool way to talk about someone:

dense discovery issue

If you have set up a good onboarding process, you can plug in your profile questions in the onboaring form, or ask them during your onboarding video session (if you have one).

Community sourced newsletter

In the beginning of this post I was saying that it's important to create a space where people can openly talk about their work. Now the useful way to treat theis content sharing ritual is to create a community sourced newsletter out of it.

What does it mean? You don't need to create a very new newsletter to share your community activities. But if you already have one you can definately add a section into your newsletter, something like "what memer's are up to", "hot topics in community" or something like that. Again you're incentivising your members to spread the word.

Community podcast (livestream or event)

Community co-creation is a concept I'm trying to grasp and debunk in this blog. While community can be very engaged without any formal co-creation process it's something worht exploring. Nowdays communities are rarely only communities, they also are operating on some content medium (podcast, newsletter, online course, etc). Engaging your community members in your main activity aka in case of podcasting doing a podcast episode with your community members. Or creating FAQ for your course together with your community members, or livestream on a very specific topic together, is not only creating a productive environemnt. It's also adding a new vertical where you can engage.

This were 3 ways you can easily imrpove the conten pipeline of your community with little effort.

The key is to not overshare (the easiest this in the world, lol).

Good luck with your community building process!

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