Audio-first community handbook

Why audio?

As Discord, Twitch, livestreaming and podcasting are becoming more and more popular there's a growing need of creating communities around audio-first systems. During the last months I was exploring what are the under the hood processes, and popular tech stacks for audio-first communities.

What led me to see that there's no unified resource that can help you to understand how to start, grow and manage an audio-only community. In this handbook I collected the information that will help you to build your MVP audio community and also transform your existing one with audio components.

You can benefit from the Handbook if:

  • You want to create an audio-first community but don't know where to start.
  • You're a community manager and want to figure out how audio-first communities work.
  • You're running a community and want to add audio components to it.

What's inside:

Here's a quick look on what's inside the Handbook:

  • overview and map of the tools you can use to start an audio-first community
  • guide on how to select the right community platform
  • tools that can help you to set up audio experience on slack
  • guide on how to set up calls and talks schedule (+ template)
  • guide on how to set up knowledge hub for audio only community (+ template)

Refund policy

If this Handbook hasn't provided you with the value you can contact me via email ( and I'll give you a refund within 5 days.

What you get

Audio-first community handbook is evergreen resource on how to start, manage and grow audio-first communities.

You get lifetime access to all the updates once you purchased the document.

Still have questions?

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